DIY Crayon Drip Pumpkins

Have you ever seen these pumpkins and wanted to try them with all their beautiful vibrant colors!? And you cant beat if for a total price of about $5!

Well, we finally made it happen this weekend! My younger son took a break from NFL football for a bit to help since it of course involved melting something.

I have decided I am drawn to anything and EVERYTHING with color or glitter. The fun thing about these pumpkins is that you can make them in so many different color palettes. There are so many different variations!

NOTE: Full new video at the end!


-White Pumpkin

-Old crayons

-Hair Dryer or Heat Gun


I finally found a use for all these left over crayons the boys have brought home from the end of the school years. I LOVE to reuse and this is the perfect was to use up your crayons!

I started by taking all paper off the crayons. Then I broke them all in half and layered them all around the top of the pumpkin separating the colors so they would drip accordingly.

I used a heat gun because I thought it would melt quicker but a hair dryer works efficiently too. These heat guns are awesome for crafting and if you’re interested in purchasing one you can use my affiliate link here:

Check out the quick melt video:

Melt all-around evenly for a few minutes and you may have to tip the pumpkin to have the wax start to run in the right direction – I found it tends to want to gather in the dip around the top around the stem. Reed also blew the wax down the pumpkin to move it but be careful so you don’t burn yourself.
melting crayons on pumpkins
NOTE: The poster board is a big necessity because it will catch all the wax drips.
Once you get all the crayon from the top melted down and dripped in the right direction you can just let it dry for a couple minutes. It’ll dry quick! And you are finished!

I want to try just an orange pumpkin with black and white crayon only. I think that would be cool!! There are so many different color variations you can use – AND as always I love that this pumpkin craft was about $6 total for one (not including the heat gun or hair dryer).

Because October is Breast Cancer awareness month here is another PINK idea for your pumpkins!

Happy Crafting to you and Happy Fall!!

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Love, Stephanie

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