DIY Valentines Hearts on Barn Wood Signs❤️

These cute heart signs started out as a doodle and now are one of my favorite Valentines crafts/decor!

The best part is that you don’t have to be a skilled painter or crafter – With a few simple steps and a little love you can make your very own barn wood signs too!



Folk Art Paint Including Gold

A couple different sizes of Paint Brushes

Gold Paint

I started out with scraps of barn wood that I found in my husband’s garage. Literally these are scraps. It doesn’t have to be barn wood ~ just any scraps of wood will do.

You will want to start by white washing your wood. 


WHITE WASHING: White Paint Thick Brush Paper towels Dip your brush in the tiniest amount of white paint. Then brush off your brush so you only have a little bit on the tips. Once you put the brush onto your surface I just want the white brush into grab the smooth edges of the surface to give it a antique look. If you start out with too much white on your brush it’s too hard to go back so start out with very little and work up from there.

The white washing process will dry quick because you have such little paint do you are ready to start your hearts.

Lighting brush the wood all over the front surface and edges. Make sure not to forget the edges is this really brings the character out!

You will need some Acrylic Paint colors. I use “Folk Art” because it is my favorite. These are the colors. If you are interested you can use my affiliate link here for the colors:

Put a little of each in a paint dish or late.
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These are the colors I used + GOLD
I started out by painting a red heart in the middle. You can freehand this or draw out a small heart with a pencil first to guide you.
Then you’ll take the next color of your choice and outline around the red heart .
Then another color of heart around that – Etc., etc, etc…..
After you have your multicolor hearts all painted I added a little gold heart in the middle of the red. (This is optional)
I love LOVE to use gold to a lot of my pieces because it adds such a pretty sheen and really changes the whole look of it by just giving it a little character.

And your finished!!

If you want to check out the actual LIVE video of how I painted these you can check it out on FACEBOOK here:


DIY Valentine Wine Glasses with Purple and Pink Hearts – SAM Designs (

You have the option to spray it with a clear coat of matte or glossy spray paint to help protect it. I feel this is only necessary if you’re going to have it outdoors. Hope you can get busy finding some wood scrap pieces because these were such a fun FUN craft paint! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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