General Questions

How long will my order take?

Thank you so much for visiting my shop! I currently have a standard 3-4 week lead time, but if you need it sooner please contact me as I can usually fit it in sooner!

What is your return policy?

FOR DOMESTIC ORDERS – If something arrives broken I will replace the broken glasses at no charge given pictures of the broken items are provided for filing a claim with UPS. I must be notified of a broken glass with in 48 hrs. of when the package arrives, and before the wedding day. If I am advised of broken glassware after the wedding, shower or event I will not be able to cover the costs to replace any damaged items.

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (does not include CAN) – Although I package all my glasses securely and there is a rare chance of breakage, my items are glass and it can still happen I will unfortunately NOT be able to cover any international packages as USPS will not cover them on my end. 

Unfortunately I do not accept any refunds due to personalized items and timing restraints.

When is payment due? Can I cancel my order?

I ask for all payments upfront before I begin the order as all orders are personalized. You can pay for your glassware with a check or credit card through PayPal. Due to timing restraints and personalization there is no refunds accepted.

How are orders shipped?

I will ship domestically and internationally to Canada and other countries. Please know the shipping charges are more for international orders. I will be happy to do price quotes. I normally ship USPS and insure everything I ship because my business is glassware. I try to purchase recycled boxes to help the enviornment out although I also purchase new boxes when needed. I use tissue paper, packing paper and bubble wrap to insure the safety of the glassware in shipping.

Anything else I need to know about placing a personalization order?

I must have the completed ordering format for your order sent back to me in order to place the order. All details and pictures for the dresses must be on the ordering format along with all other questions to be fille out. If an order is incomplete I will not be able to accept it.