Driftwood Christmas Tree Beach Sign

Christmas tree beach driftwood canvas craft

I’m excited about this little beachy craft because it’s something a little different. For a couple months I was planning on being in Florida this weekend doing a Facebook live on this with the palm trees in the back round – Unfortunately our trip was postponed, but it will even be better once we have enough of winter! Anyway you just don’t get quite the same feel here in the Midwest doing the “Beach
themed craft, but it never hurts to bring a little warmth here in the cold weather. If you miss my Facebook live you can watch it here:

Anyway we moved a couple years ago and I’ve been looking for cute little nautical ideas to decorate my home with since I’m trying to stick with the nautical theme. I thought this was such a cute idea for a little area in the house to hang this canvas. My plan was is to put it in the bathroom or laundry room/mud room. Here are the Supplies you’ll need and the steps on how I made this.


1 – 8 x 10 Canvas

4 Shades of Teal Acrylic Paints

Gray and White Acrylic Paint




Glue Gun

Twin or Nautical Rope

It started by adding five different teal Acrylic Paint colors of the ocean. Four different shades of teal blue and white. I squirted a little bit right onto the canvas since I want all the colors to mix anyway. You might want to put the colors in a little dish for more control of the paint for excess.
Paint the entire canvas including the edges by blending the paint but still leaving the difference of colors showing on the canvas to give it some dimension and character.
Blend the blues and white until you get the right look. Next I added a little gray to add a little rustic character to match the driftwood.

I painted a little gray in the corners and blended it in.

After your canvas is completely dry after about a good hour or two you can arrange your pieces to make the shape of a Christmas tree. I got my driftwood off of handy dandy Amazon.
You can use my Amazon affiliate link here
for the Driftwood. You’ll have enough to do three or four canvases or just save it for another craft! For Only $9.99 it’s a great deal!

Arrange it where you’re leaving enough space at the top for the starfish and enough at the bottom to put the stem of the tree.

Use a glue gun to glue all the pieces on. I was surprised how well the Driftwood and starfish stayed it to the canvas!
After everything was glued on I decided the gold star was a little too monotone with the Driftwood so I painted it white. I just dabbed the white on so you could see a little bit of the gold metallic coming through.
Last I used a leftover piece of decorative nautical rope I had laying around that I found at Dollar tree or Walmart
….and it’s finished and ready to find a home!
This is such a great craft to do with kids as they can arrange their own pieces into the shape of a Christmas tree. My son decided to do his a little different. It’s not exactly like the Christmas tree I tried to teach him, but I’m happy he’s got a mind of his own. 🙂

Have a great rest of the long weekend and happy beach crafting!

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