DIY Cut Out Bat Decorations for Front Porch.🦇

Have you seen these adorable bat decorations yet!! Every year I add something new to my front porch and this just makes such a nice festive touch!! Easy, inexpensive, fun and super cute is the name of my game.
Check out the simple steps here!🎃🦇


Black Poster Board


Bat Cut Out Template



You can do this one of two ways. You can use the full template and trace out each individual full bat OR you can fold the cardboard in half and cut out half the bat so it’s less cutting and an even sides to make a full bat.

I think the simpler way is to take the poster board fold it in half, trace half of the bat so it’s less cutting.

Once you have all four sizes of your bats cut out you are ready to decorate!

I used strong clear packing tape to stick to the house shake.

These bats are SOOO cool right?? They’re adorable across the front door, above a fireplace, or even in a kitchen or bathroom. You can get as festive as you want with these and I love that that they can go anywhere in the house / perhaps even across the ceiling??? Get creative!!

If you are last minute like me it’s quicker to go buy poster board and cut it out – otherwise you can try to order them on Amazon and tape them up.

You can use my affiliate link here.

The bats will all come in ready to decorate!

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Happy Fall Crafting!
Love, Stephanie Miller
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