DIY Valentine Wine Glasses with Purple and Pink Hearts

heart wine glasses

Are you looking to make your Valentines day a little bit more special? Well, it makes my ❤️ happy to bring you these cute DIY Heart Valentines Day glasses! Here are the supplies you will need…


Stemmed Glass or favorite drink glasses


Folk Art Enamel Paint Dark Pink

  • Light Pink
  • Magenta Pink
  • Parisian Pink
  • Dark Purple
  • Lavender
  • White

White, Silver or Gold Glitter (thin powder type)


You will start by removing any stickers, washing your glasses and drying them thoroughly.

Clean glasses with rubbing alcohol

Prepare a dollop of each paint color in your paint tray or plate. (dark purple, light purple and white)

You are ready to start painting your hearts. If you feel more comfortable to draw it out first you can take a permanent marker and draw out a heart first with a Sharpie. Preferably in the color you are painting your hearts….otherwise dip your brush in the darker purple colors and make your first heart. Here is my affiliate link for my favorite Sharpies perfect for this project:

You will paint your larger hearts about the size of a quarter.

Continue painting larger hearts about the same size all around the bottom part of the glass. You will make your hearts a bit smaller and a bit lighter as you go up around the glass.

You will take the hearts almost all the way to the top of the glass with the exception of leaving a room to drink out of the glass.
Next you will paint small little hearts all around the edge of the glass about the size of a pinky nail. Again if you need to use your purple Sharpie to draw it out first so you can get your spacing down – go for it!
Paint little hearts all around the edge of the wine glass glass base. A tip here is to grab different colors of purple to give your hearts character.💜

ADDING GLITTER: (optional but sets it off)

While your paint is still wet sprinkle a tiny bit of glitter on to each heart on the top part of the glass. Then you can move to the bottom and sprinkle the little hearts on the base. I work in this series because you painted the bigger hearts first and you want to get those before they dry.

After the hearts with glitter are fully dry (1-2 hrs) Next I will take a coat of your clear paint and paint over the hearts. This will seal in the glitter and make it even safer for handwashing.

Wait for the clearcoat to dry and then you will take a larger dry brush with nothing on it and brush off the excess glitter into a sink or garbage.

If you are doing multiple glasses in different colors you can follow the same steps above but in a different color of hearts.

The different colors of hearts on each glass allow you to separate your wine glasses when you have a little party and lots of people drinking wine. Such a fun touch!💜💗

If you want to check out the quick video and how I put them together on my YouTube channel. You can see it HERE!

Again and as always I hope you can give these a try and it will make your Valentine’s Day that much more special. Happy painting!

If you want to see the live video on how to make these you can check it out here:

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