Halloween Bat Treats.🦇


Cosmic Brownie (Little Debbie)

Black Carboard, Black Cardstock OR Black Construction Paper

Glue Gun

Plastic Googely Eyes

First you will draw your template – You are welcome to use the one below…

Fold the cardboard in half so you have less work cutting – The plus to the cardboard is because it is thicker and sturdier but you can make them quicker with the black Construction paper because you can cut multiple and cut more at a one time.

If you’ve never bought cosmic brownies this is what the Package looks like. I bought three boxes because I was doing them for 25 kids in the class so you can purchase appropriately to your needs.

I traced half of the bat all the way down the edge to double it.

Here are The back cut outs ready to be hot glued in the center.
I needed 25 so I folded the posterboard and just drew as many bats that would fit and I was able to get seven out of one edge.
Cut each half of the bat and then you’ll have a full equal sided bat.
I also made these ghost cookies for our Halloween Party! Kids of ALL ages love them and they are so YUMMY!! 👻 I had them last night and they were a hit so I definitely recommend these! The items you’ll need to make these adorable cutie ghosts:

– Nutter butters
– White melting chocolates
– Edible candy eyes

I laid out a larger piece of parchment paper across the countertop to set the cookies on.
Then I dumped one whole large package of melting chocolate in a mug. I think the shape of the “mug” makes the cookies easier to dip the cookie to get it covered pretty easy…as apprised too a shallow bowl. While the white chocolate is still warm place to eyes in the top center to make your ghost eyes. Let them dry and then I kept them in the refrigerator until they’re ready to serve. Definitely a must make! Have a great Halloween weekend!🎃

LOVE to you All,

SAM Designs

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