How to Make an American Flag Rope Planter in 5 Easy Steps

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to display your American pride this year? Look no further! In this post, I will show you how to create a beautiful American flag rope planter that will add a patriotic touch to your home.


Nautical Jute Rope

Red, White and Blue Acrylic Paint

Oatmeal Box or any rectangle box

Glue Gun

Paint Brush

Step 1 – Find a Box and Tape Down Flaps

We are using an old oatmeal box because I wanted my planter to be a rectangle shape to mimic the American flag. I tape with clear packing tape the inside flaps. This tucked the ends inside to hide them but also gave the planter structure. You will want this because the rope adds weight.

Step 2 – Paint the Box

I started with white chalk paint.

I gave it one good coat and set it to the side to dry.

After it was dry I grabbed my glue gun and put a strip of glue down for the first row of rope. Note: You will need extra glue sticks because I used a lot for this project!

Step 3 – Glue the Rope On

I have a large case of rope I bought this on Amazon for about $10 – you can see mine here and I still have a lot left over from this project but you can find rope in this size at Dollar Tree but you will have to buy at least 5 packs for this project. So either one would work!

Glue the rope straight and tight all around all 4 corners.
I worked with each section individually.

Until I got all the way around. The challenge is keeping everything straight and tight together.

Once you get to the top you will want to have a little overhang of the nautical rope over the box, so you don’t see the box.

Once you are finished you will start designing your flag! With a permanent marker I started drawing on the flag…

Step 4 – Making the flag

I drew a square for the blue part of the flag and started painting the white for the stripes….then the red..etc.

Once I was finished with the blue square, I let it dry and came back with a thinner brush and made white polka dots for the stars. I didn’t want to attempt the larger stars because of the rough texture of the rope. Another option here would be to make only a few stars and actually paint stars as opposed to little white stars. You can be creative here and your planter will still look patriotic!

Step 5 – Filling the planter

And decorate it up with some pretty greenery or flowers. Mine are artificial because I do not have a plastic liner protector for water, but I am sure you can find one for your size of planter that you are using.

I painted one side a flag only so I could have the option to turn it around for other times of the year.

It also looks so beautiful on the other side of the planter if you choose to leave the other side just the rope. I embellished this side with a few pastel berries that looks beautiful also!

This a wonderful cost-effective way to decorate for Memorial Day and 4th of July and these Americana decor ideas are not just for the obvious holidays but can be displayed year-round as a symbol of patriotism.

You can even find a vertical box and do a vertical style flag which would be really cool too. You can use different stars striped and different widths of the stripes and make it your own.

If you choose to put a real plant in it I would line it with a plastic square liner first so the bottom holds together.

As always, I hope I have inspired you to try something fun and patriotic for you home!

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