How to Make Fruit Trees


Here is what you will need:

  • Styrofoam Cone
  • Aluminum foil
  • Toothpicks
  • Fruit

These are the simple steps and how to make it. It can be a little time consuming however this was much more fun than I thought! So many creative ways to decorate!

  • I will show you my sons and mine at the end

I started off by organizing all my fruit. Cut the stems off the strawberries, pulled the grapes off the vine’s, cut up the pineapple, cut the Kiwi’s, washed it all and washed my hands!☺️
Also put my toothpicks in a bowl so they were easier to grab. AND made sure my Christmas music was on. 🙂

Start by taking one of your Styrofoam cones and ripping off a couple aluminum foil pieces and wrapping it around the cone and flattening and tightening as you go. This will protect the fruit from the foam. You’ll want to wrap all edges. One layer of foil is sufficient!

Start getting the idea together of how you want to decorate it. There’s so many different ways you can decorate this. I started by taking the large grapes and making a base at the bottom.

Grapes at the base

I had a plan to do a different row of fruit all the way up but that quickly changed and I started decorating the fruit and evenly spaced them out all the colors. This seemed more fun to me and flowed better for me!

I found it was easiest to stick the fruit with a toothpick and then stick it in the Styrofoam

Cut of your pineapple into half inch slices so you can prepare for cutting your star.

This is what it looked like when it was finished!

It was beautiful and a conversation piece! !
Here is mine…
This is James’ – Who is my older sons. Shockingly my younger son was not completely into this. I think he wanted more of a quick fix and lost interest.🙃

Hope I taught you something new!!
God bless you in this new year of 2021!









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