Joy Holiday Sign with Wooden Rulers

I’m SO excited about this Christmas and holiday season! I have SO many fun NEW ideas for you but I’m afraid I won’t be able to get them all fast enough. This one I knew would be one of my favorite so here it is – hoping you will try these too so you can bring that extra holiday cheer to your home!!🎄


5 Wooden Rulers

1 Dark Brown Acrylic Paint

1” Thick Ribbon for top ribbon

Thinner Ribbon

“J” Wooden Letter

“Y” Wooden Letter

1 LOVE Sign from Dollar tree for Green Wreath

2 Craft Popsicle Sticks

Glue Gun

1 Paint Brush

With your paint brush, paint, dish with a Tablespoon of water and a T of brown paint – paint all your rulers front and back. It should take 1 hour to dry.
Although I did not paint the back of this sign you will want to make sure yours is painted because it’s harder to go back after. 🙃🎄
Quickly hot glue the whole side of one stick and place it on one end. This will hold your sign together.
Repeat on the other end.
Next take off the little green wreath from the live sign. This will be used for the “O” in JOY. Save the LOVE sign because we will use this for Valentines Day.
Place all your letters and green wreath on the dried ruler sign. You can mark it with a pencil if you need to. I highly suggest to mark the letter if you are unsure of spacing because once it is glued down it’s really hard to come off. You may ruin the whole sign.😬
Then I took two shorter pieces of ribbon and tied it around the main part to make a nice shape bow for hanging. You can we be creative using the same ribbons or different ribbon if you want a larger bow!
May you enjoy crafting this beautiful holiday Season!! God Blessings to all of you!!



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