Vintage Tile Picture Frame Ornament

Are you looking to add a unique and creative twist to your family photos? Adding a vintage styled tile picture frame to your home is the perfect way to get creative with the way you display your family photos. Not only is this craft project great for displaying vintage photos, but it is an easy and affordable way to add some flair to your home décor. Keep reading to learn more about how to make a vintage tile picture frame.


Dollar Tree Tile

Dollar Tree Wooden Ornament

Folk Art Skyline Paint

Brown Wax Paint

Artificial Evergreen (Walmart)

Silver Ribbon

Decorative Ribbon

I started with my forever favorite stick on tiles from Dollar Tree.

And a large wooden ornament. This will be the form for my frame.

I traced it out on to the back of the tile so you wouldn’t see the Sharpie marks on the front.

And cut it out.

And you have a beautiful ornament cut out.

I found a picture to use in for the frame and picked my paint color around the color I was going to paint the ornament.

I chose this blue…

I traced the picture on the back of the ornament again so you wouldn’t see the Sharpie marks.

Then I cut out only the center.

I painted the ornament with the blue paint…

Once it was completely dry you will get the brown wax paint and brush a coat over the whole ornament getting in all the grooves of the ornament detail.

Right after the brown coat you will take a damp cloth and wipe all the brown off. This is important to do while the brown is still wet. This will give you the vintage look and just makes the ornament picture frame.

I measured where the picture would go and set it in place on the wooden ornament. Use a littel glue to hold it in place.

Then you can glue all around the wood on the rest of the ornament…

And press the ornament tile down on to the wooden part.

Next I used silver ribbon to accent the top of the ornament.

Used a little glue to hold the silver ribbon in place.

Then I used a little clip-on sprig of artificial evergreen and glued it on to the top of the ornament.

Then I accented with some green holiday ribbon. This ribbon has a couple different uses because not only does it accent the frame, but it covers up any imperfections from tracing, cutting and gluing. I measure 4 piece to pit around the whole frame.

And it is finished and ready for the holiday and for gift giving!

Vintage tile picture frames are a great way to bring a special charm to your home décor. Not only are they practical for displaying your favorite family photos, but they are easy to make with affordable materials. Pulling off this craft project is a great way to spend time with your family and create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

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