DIY Fall Gourds with Gold Leaf Paint

These 3 Gourds are some of my (and my mother’s 😜) favorite fall decorations AND something you can all do!!
The first step is to wash your dried Gourds with a hard bristle sponge or brush. I choose to keep them a little rough to give the finished Gourds atexture when I go to paint them.
After the gourd is completely dry you will paint the entire gourd a Metallic Acrylic Paint
Let it dry one hour or until completely dry to the touch. If you can see the gourd coming through you can paint another coat and let dry another hour..
Dab a little gold paint on your brush.

You will only need a little on your brush because this will go far. Brush lightly over all the gourd giving it a pretty gold accent. This gold accent makes the gourd!! It adds such flavor and uniqueness so this gold paint is a MUST!
Next is the bird…

Green Gourd

I painted on the small gourd just to show you the technique. I used the acrylic folk art Seafoam Green as well as the color Thicket for the darker green accent.
I brush the darker green over the seafoam green. You can’t go over it more than once or you’re going to lose the realistic look of the gourd where the darker green naturally comes through the lighter green.
Paint the whole Gourd seafoam green first and then gently paint with one or 2 brush strokes the darker green paint to get the realistic gourd look.
After the first step is completely dry you will use the gold leaf gilding paint again. You will use a medium size brush and brush strokes in kind of a criss-cross motion all over the gourd to give it character. This will look messy but will look great at the end.

Then you will use the same “Real Brown” color of paint or a darker brown paint and do the same branches all over the gourd. This is the same technique we used on the last bird gourd.

Orange Gourd with Gold polka dots

Last is the orange and gold pumpkin. This one is my favorite and most simple. This is a craft pumpkin from Joann Fabrics and NOT a real gourd. I used a darker orange and painted the whole pumpkin. Let dry and added polka dots with the same gold paint. This gold is like mirrors all over the pumpkin. I just LOVE this gold. Then I paint the stem.

You’re finished with your three! You can seal them with a clear Matte or Gloss sealer to help protect them and give them that nice finish. These will make your Fall and Thanksgiving table decoration and will definitely be a conversation piece!

Happy fall Gourd painting!

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