How-to-Make-Glitter Pumpkins

These glitter pumpkins are one of my very favorite Halloween crafts and something that EVERYONE can do – They will literally make your front porch for the Halloween season! Because I’ve been doing these glitter pumpkins so long I decided to add a little flair to them this year and add a letter on the pumpkin bordered with silver tacks. Follow the steps below to create your very own coolest Halloween Decour!


1 Paint Brush & 1 Thin Bristle Paint Brush
1 package of silver or gold thumbtacks
1 small jar of glitter
1 large pumpkin
Modge Podge

Start out by drawing out my letter with a black Sharpie. If you are not great at drawing out letters get onto Microsoft Word Document and print out large letter on a full 8 x 11 paper. Trace it onto the pumpkin and then fill it in with acrylic black paint. Wait until the letter if completely dry. You can use a hair dryer to help move along the process – otherwise wait about an hour for it to dry.

With a few simple supplies and a bit of creativity, it easy to create your own glitzy and glamorous glitter pumpkins this Fall. From a modern take with metallics to a traditional take with fall colors, you can add a unique touch to your decor and make your home stand out this season.

Now that you know how to glitter pumpkins, why not give it a try? Show us what you’ve created by tagging us on social media. We can’t wait to see your sparkly creations!

To accent these glitter pumpkins this year I ordered some really cute Halloween pillow covers to go out front. I have a covered porch so these indoor pillows will be protected from weather elements.
You can go to the link here for the pillows.

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Happy Fall Crafting!

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