DIY Rustic White Pumpkins

Just when I thought I loved my velvet pumpkin table center piece I ran across this adorable idea with the Dollar Tree “not so cute” orange pumpkins and how to re-create them into these beautiful white rustic farmhouse style pumpkins. I moved my velvet pumpkins to my entry way and have this on my dining table because it matches perfectly with my farm table.

If you are looking for more color I would stick the with the velvet pumpkins or these adorable fall gourds, however if you love the muted tones I would definitely give white pumpkins these a try! You can not go wrong and they turn out SO beautiful!

I listed the steps below in hopes you can re-create your own! I will also be giving one white pumpkin away for those who go to my FB page at:

The supplies you will need are as follows:
1 Dollar Tree orange pumpkin
1 Stick for pumpkin stem
1 Knife
1 Thicker bristle paint brush
1 Thinner bristle paintbrush
1 Small bottle Waverly Paint – Elephant
1 Small bottle Waverly Paint – White
Start by painting the whole pumpkin with the gray paint. Give it a good coat so all the oranges covered up. Let it dry one hour.
Then you will give the whole pumpkin a paint of the white chalk paint.
While the white paint is still wet you will take the thinner brush and paint gray only in ALL the deeper creases of the pumpkin. This will give it dimension and character.
I used the wet white paint brush and blended the gray in a bit to make it look natural. You can also do this with the thinner gray brush and blend the gray until it looks naturally blened into the white. You might have to work with it a little bit.
Once it’s completely dry trace the edge of the stick to make the appropriate size hole in the top of the pumpkin. Or you can just eyeball it like I did.
This is easy to cut because it’s hollow inside.
And here you have your adorable perfect white rustic
Finished white rustic pumpkin
You cant believe this is a Dollar Tree orange pumpkin
I found a cute rectangle rustic basket I had around the house and bought a few greens from the craft store to fill in with my pumpkin.

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