How to BOO somebody!

Have you ever Booed anybody? We started Booing people this year and its so much fun! This is the last week to Boo someone so get your creative ideas flowing and your crafts together – scroll down and I’ll show you my favorite ideas! If you have never heard of it the concept is like May Day baskets but stuff for Halloween – You have to be sneaky! I heard of it last year, but just thought of some cute and creative ways to Boo people, too and wanted to share with you all. You can go simple or you can get really crafty. One of my favorite ways is shown below. I also did a Facebook live video on this Friday and if you missed it you can check it out here:

First you will need the following Supplies:


1 – 4″ – 6″ Terra-Cotta Pot

White & Black Acrylic Paint

1 Paint Brush

1 Pencil

Candy or Supplies to Fill it with

Cellophane & Ribbon (optional)

1 Clear can of Clear Matte or Glossy Sealer (optional)

I started by painting the whole terra-cotta pot white and at the bottom. Let it dry 1 hour.
After completely dry I drew out the eyes and mouth first.
With a slimmer brush I painted the eyes and mouth black.
With a thicker brush I painted all of the inside and the top of the lip black. Let dry 1 hour.
Last I sprayed it with a clear matte or glossy sealer and let it air out for a good couple days if you’re going to fill it with candy.

Fill the ghost pot with candy, pencils and erasers, gift cards, knickknacks or anything you want to fill it with!

There are so many ideas and ways to Boo people. I love the ghost pot because you get to paint and be creative, however if you want some simpler ways you can just buy a cute Halloween bag or use a plain white box and decorate it like I did with some simple kids crafts.

Here is a simple way to decorate a white box and fill it with Pumpkin Muffins:

If you are more of a baker I love the muffin idea too!

We are Booing our teachers this week with glitter pumpkins and one of these ghost pots and we cant wait!

I hope once again I have inspired you and you can do somebody this week! And if you’re an adult you can take it a step further and actually “Booze” somebody. I do hope I get Boozed this week from somebody. I could use a nice bottle of wine.🍷

Happy Booing!

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