DIY Vintage Jewelry Christmas Tree

Who says holiday decorations need to be expensive? This Christmas, add some sparkle to your home with a festive and unique Jewelry Christmas Tree. It’s easy to make and will add a unique and charming touch to your holiday decor this year. Here’s how to do it!

Gather Your Supplies


Canvas Board

Acrylic Paint

Silver Paint Enamel

Glue Gun

Wire Cutter

You can save your grandmothers jewelry as I have or start collecting them. I great place to find these is to pick up some at rummage sales, vintage stores and even check eBay! I assure you will be need quite a bit to decorate your gorgeous tree.

Once you have enough jewels for your tree you will want to get your base where the tree will come together. I used a 18 x 24 flat canvas board because it was sturdy enough to hold the jewelry.

I used 2 paints on my canvas because I was going for a navy blue background but didn’t want it one flat color. I started with a little black acrylic paint…

And then a royal blue acrylic paint…..

And started blending the 2 together with about a 1-inch paint brush.

I blended the two paint colors until the whole canvas was covered but did not blend the paint to much by making them one solid color. You will want to lightly brush this where you can still see the difference in the 2 colors. This made the background more unique and gave it a bit more vintage feel and more character.

Once I had my colors blended the way I wanted I let it completley dry. I drew out the size that I wanted for me tree with a pencil. This will be your guide when you start sticking on your jewelry..

I used and Enamel metallic silver paint. I used 2 coats.

Once your silver tree is painted and dry you are ready for the FUN part.

I started my first piece in the lower right-hand corner and worked my way up.

This is so fun because it really uses your creative mind and is like a puzzle to see what jewelry fits best in each spot, which colors look great together, which 2 pieces are too similar and have to separate. I used my wore cutters to break off the backs of the ones that were pins or broaches. I had my glue gun hot and glued the pieces on as I went.

I found a star piece that was perfect for the top of the tree.

And even left it all out a couple nights to come back the next day and work on it.

And I finally finished and it looks the best in the light….day or night!

I found a frame to fit the canvas and took out the glass.

There are so many perfect places it can go in my home.

It currently resides with my vintage red canisters in my entry way where the light hits it so perfectly and it shines jut right!!

My inspiration for this tree was growing up at my Grandma’s for Christmas with the rest of the Kings – She had a big beautiful all stone home and above her fireplace for Christmas seawson always sat this….

With just a few simple supplies and some vintage jewelry, you can create a beautiful and unique Jewelry Christmas Tree to add a personal and stylish touch to your holiday decorations this year.

If you’re feeling creative this holiday season, why not try making your own Jewelry Christmas Tree? Share your completed version with us by tagging us on Instagram or leaving a comment. We’d love to see it!


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Happy Holiday Crafting!


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