DIY Fall Mason Jars

LED mason jars with tea lights and covered with fall leaves will leave a beautiful illuminance in you entry way

Hello and Happy Weekend to you all!

Are any of you feeling the fall season yet? I few cooler days for us and I have already started fall crafting, cooking & baking already. I saw this cute idea for little tea lights and had to try it! They are so cute lit up at night! If you missed my Facebook live Friday Morning you can watch the replay here.

Below are the steps on how I did this. This is a pretty easy inexpensive & Adorable decoration for your home!

Dollar Tree Supply List:
1 Bag Leaves
1 Bottle Modge Podge
1 Thicker Paint Brush
1 Mason Jar
1 Jute Twine
1 battery operated tea light
Start by coating your leaves front and back with Modge Podge. Stick them on to the mason jar. Arrange the leaves so they over lap a little. You can go all the way up with your leaves, but I went only half way up because I wanted the glass to show.
The Modge Podge looks messy now but will dry clear. Let it dry overnight and it should be dry by then. This is where your glue gun might come in handy – you can take the leaf ends that may not have stuck to the jar and glue them with the glue gun. THIS STEP MUST BE DONE ONLY AFTER THEY ARE DRY.
And Wa -lla! Isnt it beautiful! I have enjoyed walking by my entry way all day because of it beautiful warm fall touch AND for very inexpensive fall decorating which is key!
I hope you can try one or a few. Happy Fall Crafting!!

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