How to Make Drip Paint Pots

Have you ever tried these?!?! How many of you out there have tried this on pumpkins, pots, vases and all sorts of cool items? I finally tried it and – Wow! This was SO much fun and SIMPLE to paint!! Come watch and see how we did this here:

I used the following steps. First you will want to use plain terra cotta pots that you can get at pretty much any grocery or hardware store. The following supplies are as follows:

Terra – Cotta Pots – ANY size
White Paint
Any 3 or 4 colors of acrylic paint that you prefer
4 -5 Nail polish colors
Larger Bowl with water

Paint the outside white – You can paint the inside if you prefer because the nail polish with catch the inside too!! Let dry for 1 hour or until it is dry to the touch.
Pour about half the bottle of each nail polish into the water in circular/zig zag motions.
Dip Pots in a quick swoop or circular motion to make sure the nail polish grabs on to all sides possible.
The results are AMAZING!!! On my craft scale rating this is a 2 – REALLY pretty simple. I hope you go out and try this! Happy Painting!


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