How to Make Moss Pots

This is a great way to reuse old pots and make them fun and brand new again! You can use any size large or small terra cotta pot.
This gorgeous and rich mossy green paint will go well with any and ALL flowers!

You can view the video on how to make them here:
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Materials You Will Need:
1 Terra Cotta Pot
2 Sizes of Paint Brushes
2 Different Shades of Green Acrylic Paint
1 White Acrylic Paint
1 Can Clear Matte Spray Paint

You will just need a paint brush or 2 – Flat for pouncing. (I show you how to do this in the video)
Forest Green Paint, Lime Green Paint an a White Paint. You can use any 3 colors of your choice but I feel these 3 will give you that “real” mossy look.

First you will start with the first brush with the darkest green paint and pounce dots all around the top part of the pot and going down under the lip as if moss was growing scattered from the top down. You can keep going around and play with it a bit until you get it right.

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