St. Paddy’s Day Tree

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My first ever St. Paddy’s Tree!!

If you still have some of your Christmas trees out from Christmas you’re in luck! I walked past this tree for the last two months too lazy to put it away – Around the same time I found out I was a small percentage Irish I decided just the thing to do with it!

I’ve been collecting cute trinkets for my Facebook lives for St. Patricks day and ALL of these cute St. Patty’s items are from the Dollar Tree.

Scroll below to see my steps on how I decorated my tree. There is still time if you still need to do some decorating! 

I will be doing a FB live and FREE give away on my craft at 10:00 am CST if you are interested in joining @ Hope to see you!!

Happy St. Patty’s Day to you!

Plain Christmas Tree
Strated with the green boa feathers. These add such a cute touch!!
Hat cut off door hanger.

My favorite piece that makes the tree!

Cut the necklaces to make them into strands to wrap the tree with…
More pieces from the door hanger cut up to make ornaments…
Wha–aalla! It is complete with a total costs of around $10 minus the price of the tree.

Hope you have a great weekend and an even better St. Patricks Day!

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