Dollar Tree Polka Dot Bunny Decor

Are you ready for the simplest and cutest craft for Spring?! 🌷Shout out to Brooke at Re-Fabbed for giving me this adorable idea! Scroll down to follow the steps and check out the live video below I did on Facebook on this! AND if that’s not enough there’s a special bonus technique I used on this bunny at the end that is not shown on the video!


Dollar Tree Wooden Bunny Sign

1 Apple Barrel Caribbean Blue Acrylic Paint

1 Folk Art Art Baby Pink Acrylic Paint

1 Folk Art White Acrylic Paint

1 Inch Paint Brush

1 Thin Paint Brush for Ears and Feet

1 Kraft Ribbon

Brown Wax Paint

Step 1 – I painted the bunny with this pretty bluish turquoise paint. (Apple Barrel – “Caribbean Blue”)
Step 2 – Paint quarter size polkadots with white paint. If you need to trace a quarter with a pencil to find out where you want to put your polkadots first it might be helpful for a guide.
Step 3 – Paint with the pink paint a little strip for the inner ear. Also paint the bunny feet pads with pink. To check out this process it’s probably easier to watch the live video here.

You are finished so you can let it dry before you add the ribbon/bow around his neck!


This part was not added on the video. This was an after thought. I was I was looking at it more after it dried and I decided how much I love that vintagey look over this beautiful Caribbean blue so once it was fully dried I use this vintage wash technique all over the whole bunny.

I also changed up my ribbon idea and changed it to this cute craft ribbon to accent the vintage look of this bunny.

If you missed my last Spring Bunny Craft you can see it here.

You can also check out the live video on Facebook on how we made the book paper bunny here on Facebook.

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Happy Spring Crafting!



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