Vintage Book Paper Bunny

What a great start to the spring season with us adorable DIY bunny craft made out of antique book paper! When I saw this bunny mold at the Dollar Tree, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Can’t wait to show you these simple y) steps so please scroll down and check it out!


Dollar Tree Craft Bunny

Book Paper

Modge Podge


Easter Ribbon

1 Cotton Ball

I first started with the plain bunny mold that I got from Dollar Tree. If you can find larger ones of these GET THEM! They are so useful, and you can do so many cute things with these!
Grab a couple pieces of paper from the book. I also liked using the larger single letter prints in the book to give the bunny character. You can find these at the start of the chapter.
You’ll rip a couple pieces out of your book and start tearing strips and small pieces and just gather them all in little pile. You want different sizes because it will make this molding easier.
Pour some of your Modge Podge in a smaller butter container and dip your pieces in the Modge Podge front and back and start laying them one at a time across the body. You will just need to smooth it out to mold it around the shape of the bunny and try to make it as flat as possible. To see the video process, you can check it out (20+) Facebook.

Wait about 2 hrs for it to fully dry – You may need longer.

Once you have the whole bunny finished you will take half of a cotton ball and glue the tail on with a glue gun.
Next cut a piece of your choice of Easter ribbon about a foot long and tie it around the neck of the bunny. Yay!! This absolutely makes a bunny! I chose to use this robin’s egg blue color because of course it’s perfect for spring but you can use any color you want. Or if you’re using a few bunnies use a few different colors!
AND you are finished!!!🐇 If you want to see the live video on how we made these just watch it here. Make sure to follow my Facebook page for LIVE videos on crafts and FREE giveaways! Follow me and set up notifications so you never miss a LIVE!

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AND how cute will these look sitting next to you bunnies!

Hope you have a great Spring! Stay tuned to the next Blog Posts!

LOVE, SAM Designs

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