Dollar Tree Shamrock Sign Make Over DIY

Shout out to all the Irish folk out there! Although I’m not a bit Irish we found out about 3 years ago that my kids were so what a better excuse than to craft DIY’s for this fun festive holiday! 🍀 Come check out how we gave this wooden shamrock sign a little make-over!!


Wooden Shamrock Sign from Dollar Tree

Glue Gun

Green Decorative Craft Paper

Glue Gun

Folk Art Acrylic Paint – Classic Green

White Paint

Thin Burlap Ribbon

This first step is interesting and a new method I’ve never used but worked perfect for this! I wanted the scrapbook paper to go only on the elevated raised hearts on the Shamrock so I thought the easiest way was to lay the green paper on top of the hearts and press all around the edges to get an indent to give you a line to follow for the cut out. It worked awesome!

I traced the indent with a pencil so I can see it a little bit better to cut it out.
Here you have your three cut out hearts.
I used a hot glue gun on the wooden hearts and stuck the scrapbook paper to each one of them
All 3 glued on and center. 🙂
Using the Classic Green Folk Art Paint I painted the wood around the scrap book paper….carefully!
Accent the edges by using a thin paint brush of white paint. Simply outline the edges with the white. You can also use a sanding block to rough up the edges. Either technique will give it tons of character! This just MAKES the sign! If you want to check out the technique, live go to my Facebook live on this sign here.
Center your letter in the middle and hot glue gun it on. If you find a plain natural wooden letter paint it white first. I found mine as is so I did not need to paint it white.
I finished this sign with a little tied bow of this burlap ribbon.
Another option is to fasten your shamrock to a plain green leaf wreath and use it for the center of a sign. This wreath I had left from Christmas and transformed it! If you want to get one of the awesome wreaths you can see it here.
So cute and it just makes my porch!!
OR……..use it by itself!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as me! If you want to see one of my top repinned pins on Pinterest which happens to be St. Patrick’s Day themed you can see it here!

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Have a fabulous week and even better weekend!



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