Fall Vintage Truck Decor Make-Over

Are you set with all your fall Decor? 🍁
I’ve been looking to add more fall decor to my home and when I saw this truck and I just knew the perfect makeover it!

You can find these trucks in a lot of different places such as Hobby Lobby, Dollar tree, Joann fabrics, and Walmart but another truck option that would work the same with is this truck off Amazon. You can check it out here and use my affiliate link.


Truck Sign

Navy Chalk Paint

White Chalk Paint

Small floral decor

1 Paint Brush for Navy

1 Paint Brush for White

Glue Gun

Ribbon (optional)

Here are all the supplies minus the glue gun and glue sticks.

You will start by using Navy chalk paint. ( I used black and blue because I didn’t have navy at the house and mixed it to make navy )

Paint all the white on the truck minus the wheels. Make sure you get in the grooves….
….and all around the edges.
I put 2 coats on it with an hour dry time in between coats.
Next its time to add that “vintage” look to the truck with the white chalk paint.
Brush all the edges with the very slightest bit of white paint – blot on a paper towel after you dip it in white paint as necessary. The white shows up very well on the dark surface so you only need a little!!
After all edges are brushed with white get your glue gun hot and ready and grab your floral pieces and wire cutters. Time for a little flower action!🍁
Cut and measure the length of the floral pieces to fit in the back of the truck. The pumpkins in the truck are perfect to show through for the back round so dont be afraid to let the pretty pumpkins show! Next you will glue them down individually.
After the flowers were glued I didn’t like that you could see the glue showing so I improvised with a piece of twine and tied it in a bow and placed it over the base of the flowers to hide the glue and to finish it!

You can see the whole video here for another way to follow this adorable craft.

Happy Fall Crafting!🍁🍂

Love, SAM Designs

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