painted lady pumpkin with sucker hair

I started with a big 21 lb pumpkin – it was the perfect size for this project. I saw the idea somewhere to use suckers for hair for a pumpkin so I thought I would try my own version. This was fun and she just makes me happy when I see her!

The supplies you will need are here:


Large Pumpkin


White Enamel Paint

Black Enamel Paint

Blue Enamel Paint

Hot Pink Enamel Paint

Thin Brush Paint Brush

Glue Gun

Dollar tree glasses

You will start by poking holes in the top of the pumpkin. I used a random wine stopper I found in the kitchen junk drawer. Just use anything with a sharp end to poke holes or a electric screwdriver to drill quick holes in the top.

Find out what side your face is going to go on and work around from there.

Although the box is a little banged up the suckers were safe and perfect for this project because I wanted them all white to resemble old ladies’ hair.
There are 48 in the box and I used them all!!
Start with one placing it in the whole and work around from there…..
I used ALL 48 and could have even used more but this was a large pumpkin.
Your ready for the Dollar Tree Glasses – They have some cute glasses there and for only $1.25! Mine are black with leopard print sides – perfect for this crazy lady!
My glasses were a little small for her face but I just gently stretched them and marked out little dots with the Sharpie to mark the eye placement so I could paint it to align it correctly.

Check out the video of how I painted her face – Starting with a Sharpie and with painting the eyes and working my way down to the nose and mouth is last. You can scroll down and watch the FULL video! Enjoy!

And here she is with out glasses.

And here she is with glasses and she looks so much better with – Your ready for setting your glasses.

This is when you will use your glue gun – Make sure she is hot and ready and BE CAREFUL! I am telling your this and burn myself every time. 🙁
I glued a little strip of glue on either side of her glasses like where her ears would be. This held well for me.
I wanted to add more lines to her face to make her older but I was really happy with the way she turned out and didn’t want to mess with something that I loved. Do you love her, too?
How cute are the glasses with the leopard accent!
And find a special spot for her in the house.

Since her hair tastes so sweet I decided to keep her protected inside from any outdoor critters and I will put her out for Halloween!

You can view the full video here.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did – Happy Halloween Crafting – My favorite Crafting Month of the year!

Love, SAM Designs

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