diy ghost pillow

If you are a non-seamstress just like me this is the perfect Halloween craft for you! As most ALL my blog posts this is another inexpensive craft using just a simple few items you probably already have around the house. Below are the supplies needed and a post full of pictures so you can follow along pretty easy….


White t-shirt or white fabric

Glue gun


Black Felt


White Pom Pom Ribbon

These are just a few of the supplies needed – Any polyfilll will work!
Start by drawing out your ghost – Remember he can be any shape or size!
Cut it out through both sides of the t-shirt.
You are ready for your glue.
I started by gluing half of one side…and be careful because the glue is hot!

And then the other….leaving the bottom open.

Make sure you move quickly and press down when you are finished.
The glue will dry quick and once it is dry turn the fabric inside out.
You are ready for the stuffing…
Stuff it full where he is nice and even.
Push the stuffing down just enough where you can glue the inside of the edge and seal shut. You may need to work in sections with the glue.
Bringing the stuffing all the way to the bottom but just a little so you can glue it shut. Next you are ready for your white poms! This is the cute part!
And you are complete!
Now the eyes and mouth!
Draw out a couple circles – You can find a coin or something to trace or eyeball it. 🙂
Same for the mouth.. but I did not want mine a perfect circle.
I place the eyes and mouth before I glue it to make sure it is exactly how I want it..

And glue the back of each…

And find a special spot for him in a chair, on a couch or on an entry way table.
There are SO many spots for him and I just cant get enough of him! I LOVE this craft because you can make them in any size and shape and make a few different ones – That’s actually a great idea – I am going now to make more!
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Happy Crafting and Happy Halloween Season!


Stephanie Miller

SAM Designs

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