Wooden Bead Vase DIY

If you are looking for an affordable and adorable way to accent your flowers here is something trendy and cute! These beads I found at Dollar Tree and grabbed all the strands off the shelf because I have a lot of ideas for them…. sooooo get out to your local Dollar Tree and grab what you can! See the steps below on how I made this…


4 – 6 strands of Dollar Tree Wooden Beads

1 Soup, veggie can

Glue Gun

The beads come like this at Dollar Tree, and you will keep cut the tags off but keep the beads on the strand.

Start with any can size you like and rinse it out good and dry.
Make sure your glue gun is hot and ready and glue a strip on half of the can going around like the photo. I used half at a time because the glue dries fast and I learned the hard way so it is best to work in sections.
I kept the strand of beads on the string and pulled them taut, so they were tight together and just layed the section of beads on the glue on the can. Then repeat with the remaining circumference of the can and glue the rest of the string of beads.
If you have too long of a strand just cut the remaining bead strand that is left.
Keep repeating the steps until you work your way all the way down. If it helps to measure how many rowsof beads you will need you can kind of adjust the starting point of the beads. For example if you think they are too wide for your space put the first line of glue more towards the top of the can for the first row at the top.

And you are finished. Now cut some flowers from the garden or fill it with something pretty. Succulents would accent this SO nice, too. This will look adorable anywhere in your home!

If you want to check out the blog post on how I made these cute cutting board decorations that are behind the vase above, I will be posting a blog soon!
I hope you enjoyed this craft and will go to Dollar Tree asap and get some of these beads because I have more bead crafts ideas cooking – They are just too cute!

Hope you are having a great end to summer and I look forward to all of our fall crafts!

God Bless!

LOVE, Stephanie Miller

SAM Designs

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