How to Antique Paint Your Couch Legs

Have you ever ordered a chair or a couch and we’re not happy with the wooden legs on it? This is the second time this has happened so so I decided to do something about it!

I love the color, quality, size and the price of this couch however I did not love the four legs on but didn’t want to pass up the couch. The wood color didn’t match my floor or furniture so I decided to give it a little character. In this blog post I’m going to show you the simple steps and giving your legs a little character.


~Wood legs (Included with Furniture Piece)

~Waverly Chalk Paint (White, Steel, Elephant)

~Sanding Block

~Paint Brushes

~Dry Cloth

I started off lightly sanding all over the wood legs so the paint would adhere a little bit better.
I placed a little bit of each paint in my paint tray. Started with the white only and painted in each of the creases of the leg.

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Happy Painting!

Love, Stephanie Miller

SAM Designs

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