DIY Pumpkin Succulent Planter

Who is ready for this Plastic pumpkin trick-or-treat pot turned into a planter?

This ADORABLE Succulent Planter is easy to do and inexpensive and so cute for the entire season! You can also do this great idea with an artificial pumpkin and succulents or real white pumpkin! I started with the artificial and was pleasantly surprised how cute this turned out. Check it out!


~Plastic Pumpkin Candy Pot

~Rubbing Alcohol

~White Chalk Paint or Chalk Paint

~Paint Brush

~Tissue paper or other pot filler

~Artificial succulents (from Dollar Tree)

All supplies needed in this picture above.

I started off by taking the stickers off the bottom and wiping off the whole plastic pumpkin with rubbing alcohol to clean the surface so the paint will adhere.

Side Note: If you notice the chewed paint brush that would be our puppy.😂 I apologize but it still paints!

Let it dry 1 to 2 hours before adding the gray accent. We are going to paint in the creases of the pumpkin to accent to grooves. You may want to have a little gray and white so you can work back and forth between the two to blend it to the right color. What I mean by this is if you get too much gray in the crease you can get a little white to soften out the gray. I added a quick video tip below – I apologize for the exposure but it showed the color much better:

My artificial pumpkin planter next to the 2 real succulent planters on either side – Blends in pretty well don’t ya think??

I hope I taught you something new!! Happy Fall to you ALL!

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Happy Painting!

Love, Stephanie Miller

SAM Designs


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