How to Paint Pumpkins for Fall

Revamp Your Fall Decor with These Unique Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Tired of the same old fall decorations? Discover a world of creativity and inspiration with these unique pumpkin painting ideas. Here are a few elegant and sophisticated designs so get ready to elevate your autumn decor game!


Craft Pumpkins/Artificial Pumpkins

Chalk Paint – At least 3 different colors

Gold Glitter

Clear can of matte spray paint

I started with a couple craft pumpkins I found at JoAnn Fabrics on sale. I picked out 4 colors that thought went well together and painted each of my 4 artificial pumpkins a different color. If you feel they need a second coat, wait and hour and put paint again.

The best way to show you these steps is to have you watch the Facebook “LIVE” video on how I did these step by step instructions.

(20+) Facebook Live | Facebook

With a few supplies and a bit of creativity, you can make stunningly unique painted pumpkins! You can even get the whole family involved and have a fun-filled pumpkin-painting activity that’ll bring hours of enjoyment.

Hoping I taught you something new!

Happy Crafting!


SAM Designs

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