How to Paint Wine Glasses for Christmas

Make holiday entertaining even more magical this year with snowman wine glasses! This fun, festive, and whimsical craft is so much easier than it looks. Not only will you have a great conversation piece at your next holiday party, but this craft is also a great way to get creative with your family. From crafting to painting to assembling, you and your family can enjoy an afternoon of creating something truly unique. In this blog post, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions, tips, and ideas for painting and designing your own snowman wine glasses.

Gather Your Materials

Wine glasses

Enamel Folk Art Paint – White

Enamel Folk Art Paint – 2 Blues

Enamel Folk Art Paint – Black

Enamel Folk Art Paint – Orange

Silver Sharpie (optional)

Rubbing Alcohol

1 thicker paint brush

1 thinner paint brush


I always start right before I paint with wiping down the surface of the glasses with rubbing alcohol. It will dry within seconds, and you are ready to paint.

The second thing you always want to do when painting glasses is Only. Use. Enamel. Paint. If you use anything other than Enamel, it will not last.

Start Painting

I am free handing but if you feel better, you can draw a circle (or trace a circle) with a silver Sharpie and then paint the white circle.

Then do the same for the top ball. The top ball will be a little smaller.

Next is the hat. I started with the light blue and while it was still wet……

I came back and added detail with the dark.

Next is the scarf. I started with the light blue and then added dimension and detail with the dark blue.

with my thinner paint brush, I took my black enamel and added the black charcoal eyes.

And orange outlined with black for the mouth..

And the charcoal mouth with the black…

For the arms I used a mix of brown and black and enamel paint…

I painted the coal for his buttons the same way I painted his eyes.

You are finished with the snowman. I painted 2 different ones for this set for a customer.

Once the snowman is completely dry you can come back and paint the snowballs.


Again, I start by wiping off the glass with rubbing alcohol without wiping the painted part. Just making sure all surface is clean from my fingerprints again before adding paint.

I take my smaller paint brush and dip a little in the white in the paint and make dots all over the glass of different sizes.

These snowballs add such a nice touch and give a little texture for a great grip on the glass.


Here is the video on how I painted them if you want to check it out! Not in this blog but in the video is my favorite way to paint a snowman face…

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at crafting a truly unique piece of décor for your holiday festivities, then this snowman wine glass project is just the thing for you! Not only are the finished product sure to be a hit with your guests, but the whole process is a fun and creative way to bring the whole family together this holiday season.


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Happy Holiday Crafting!


SAM Designs

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


SAM Designs

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