Mitten Door Decoration

Have you ever wanted to add the warmth and comfort of mittens to your home decor? It’s easier than you think! Mitten door decorations are a great way to give your house a cozy and inviting feel while bringing in some extra color and texture to your entryway. In this article, we’ll explore how to make your own mitten door decoration from start to finish, as well as several unique design ideas to help spark your creativity. With a few simple items and a bit of time and effort, you can have a beautiful piece of mitten art to greet your guests the next time they come calling. So, grab a hot cup of something and let’s get started!

Gather Your Materials

Dollar tree Burlap Fabric

1 Piece of Felt

Glue Gun

Tassel Ribbon

Evergreen Accent

Pinecone Accent

Berry Accent


Poly Fill

Step-By-Step Instructions

Lay out your fabric material.

Draw out a mitten. I free handed mine but you can use this template to help as your mitten guide.

I doubled my fabric up before I cut it so I could easily make 2 and cut the time in half.

Then I laid the cut out mitten fabric on the felt….

Traced the mittens on to the felt…

Cut out the felt mittens.

I glued all around the edge of the felt

and placed the fabric mitten on top. This will be your front side of the mitten.

Using a tool press down the fabric onto the glued felt making sure it is all even and straight.

Then you can glue the 2nd felt and follow the same process as the first. If you prefer to stitch the edges this would be another cute efficient option to seal the seams of the mittens.

Next you will need a small amount of poly-fil

Using a tool or you something long and pointy you can push in a small amount of poly fill to fill the thumb and hand of the mitten.

Make sure everything is laying evenly and it is not too full or the poly fill will pop the seams of the mitten.

Next you will need a decorative ribbon for the cuff of the mitten. You can also use a inch of the cuff and paint it if you prefer. I chose the ivory tassel because I had it in my craft scraps and thought it accent this fabric so well.

Measure the length of the ribbon, cut it and glue on the first piece.

I took a second piece of the tassel ribbon and layered it with the first to make it thicker and to add more tassel detail.

And glued the second piece on after I measured it and cut it.

Follow the same steps with the second mitten as you did the first.

I used a hole punch to punch a hole in the back for the twine. If you want to make a hole with a scissor that would work well, too. Just be careful not to cut yourself. 🙂

I put the twine through the hole and tied a knot in the back of the hole to hold it into place. I tied a knot 3 times so it was large enough to hold when it would be hung on the door. I followed the same steps for the second mitten.

This next step is the fun part. The accent!

For this accent step you have SOOOO many options. I decided between, ornaments hanging, bells, little Christmas trees or just a ribbon stamped with words. So, I suggest if you have something fun in your craft pile that would be cute to use one of those. Also, Hobby Lobby has the cutest little, tiny bells, hats ornaments, and all kinds of embellishments just for projects like this so that would be a great place to check out! I accented mine with artificial evergreen, real pinecones, artificial red berries and little mini bells I got from Dollar Tree. I glued on the evergreen, berries and pinecones but tied the bell around the top part of the cuff, so the bell was hanging on the front with the evergreen embellishments. In the quick video below, you can see the full process to make it a little easier to follow.

Here is the video so you can follow along with the whole process a little easier.

I made a second one with hot pink felt on the back and this one is so cute, too!

With a little bit of creativity and our easy-to-follow guide, you will be able to create a unique mitten door decoration that will make your front doorstep stand out and last throughout the winter season.

Now that you have the outline for your mitten door décor, go ahead and get creative!


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