Pink Christmas Tree

I’ve been dreaming of having an all pink tree for years and I finally decided to do it this year. In my house full of boys I was in need of this tree….Just. For. Me. Come check out this quick video so you can see how I put it together.

These very glamorous and “pre-lit” champagne pink trees are from Amazon and my affiliate link is here.
I used 2 colors of gold/pink sparkly ribbon and put 3 strands going vertically down.
I started with one piece and tied it loosely to secure it at the top….
And wrapped it from left to right in a zig zag type pattern all the way down to the bottom of the tree and cut it at the bottom and started with a 2nd piece of ribbon…. and did the same and a 3rd but switched out the ribbon to a gold.
And added a few of my favorite pink ornaments….and a few ornaments with a touch of turquoise….
And last but not least Elvis was the finishing touch!

It’s pretty and complete!

I still have yet to find a topper for the tree but will share when I do!

Happy decorating!


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