How to Make a Pine Tree Gnome

Come meet the newest addition to our family! He is so cute and I hope and he is new to my Christmas decor! Everything I used should be easy to find in your area. I listed all the detailed steps with pictures to make it the most simple for you….so scroll down and check it out!

Time & Costs

1 hr. and $30 total

The supplies that you’re going to need are here:


33” Tomatoe Cage

Multiple Sprigs of a pine branches or evergreen tree branches

Wire Cutter

Green Wire

Rubber Band

Santa Hat

Half Styrofoam Ball

2 Pine Cones

I started with the smaller tomato cage that was 33 inches. The pine sprigs came from a local grocery store however you can find these at a greenhouse. I wanted to just get a Christmas tree and cut the branches off but this was the cheaper route and less work because I bought them pre-cut.
I tied a rubber band around the top 3 wires to secure it.

TIP: Cut several pieces of your green wire ahead of time to make it go quicker!

Start with one fuller branch and tie a piece of the green wire to the top of the tomatoe cage.
Grab another branch of the pine and layer it off the first one. You will work your way down filling in the holes with pine branches. Then turn the cage and start with another branch and work your way down until all sides are filled in.
Another tip is I turned the branches to go outward so they were feather out as opposed to in.
Once you have all your pine branches on look see what the best angle of the tomatoe cage is and place your hat on him because this will be the face.
Place the hat on the top. I originally wanted to use the buffalo plaid hat from Dollar Tree but I needed something longer, so I used this one at Walmart. Either will look great!
Next I used this half ball of Styrofoam. You can use a variety of other ideas for his nose like polyfill stuffed in a panty hose, or fabric to make a ball, the top ball of the Santa hat or any other ball you can find that would work for his nose.
I used a piece of my green wire and stuck it through the side of the Styrofoam ball so I could have two sides to tie it on to the branches.
I tied the wire onto each side so I could secure both sides of the Styrofoam nose to the branches.
I pulled his hat down a touch and there he is!
Next, I had these pine cones laying around so I thought they would be cute for his feet! If you have an old pair of shoes you can use them for his feet as well.
And there he is – Cute and festive and ready to go on my front porch!
To check out my pre-lit white Christmas branch trees you can use my affiliate link here.
And Willy seems to be very curious about him, too.

He is the newest addition to my decorations! Hope you can make one too!

Happy Christmas Crafting!

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