Vintage Valentine Decor DIY

This might be my favorite Valentine Decor yet! I love this time of year because it is the perfect time where the love of vintage and hearts can come together! Although this DIY has quit a few steps I tried to make it as simple as possible to make it easy for you to follow along – Soooo…. come join me on the OH SO! adorable Valentine craft!


Music Paper

Canvas board 8 x 10 or larger

Black Poster Board/Card Stock

Modge Podge

Antique Paint

Glitter cardstock hearts from Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Wooden LOVE Sign

Vintage Keys

Burlap Ribbon

The first pieces you will need are a music sheet – I used a piece out of my son’s old piano book but you can find scrap book pieces at any craft store.

Your flat canvas board – You can pick these up a dollar tree but if you want larger you will go to Walmart to get bigger than 8 x 10.
The black poster board or scrap book paper will go on the back of the canvas.
I started by laying my canvas board on the music paper….
And tracing it out to get the exact size for the front and cut it.
You will do the same with the black poster board. The black poster board will finish off the back.
Next you will take your Modge Podge and put a coat on the back and stick it to the front of the canvas board and put another coat on the front of the board.

This part is messy but I have found it is the only way to get it pretty flat and smooth. You will simply take your fingers and smooth it out.

Smooth it out and wipe the excess off.
While your music paper is drying you can grab your Dollar Tree hearts. You can get a pack of them, and I grabbed the size that would fit best on the canvas.
The only problem is that it was not a even heart so I cut off a bit of the taller side of the heart to make it more even with the other side.

Once your music paper and canvas are dry you can start antiquing it. This part just makes the whole sign I think!!!

You will need your brown for this step and the black will be for the next step.
Start by brushing the edges with a little bit of the brown paint. You will only need a little.
Then you can take a damp paper towel and rub and blend in the painted edges over the rest of the music sheet to give that vintagey feel. Tip: You may need to add more brown paint if necessary.
Once your antiquing is finished you can set your heart in the middle. This next step is optional but I wanted to outline the heart with black so I traced it and painted the heart shape with black, so it made the heart stand out a bit but again it is optional!
Glue down your hear so the black outline is around the edges.
KEY TO MY HEART – Next I tied 1 longer piece of burlap ribbon around the middle to hold the key on. Tie in a knot and then put your key on and set it till it looks even and good in the middle of the heart.
Next I found this cute LOVE wooden sign at Dollar Tree and it had a metal detachable piece over the front of the wood so I pulled it off to add to my sign. I am totally a mixer and matcher and pull apart things that need to be pulled apart to make a craft come together beautifully! Lol!
I took a bit of my black paint and antiqued it as I did my music sheet. I only used a little bit. To see the actual live video so you can follow it a little easier you can check out the link here. (Fast forward to 16:40).

I glued the back of it with a hot glue gun and placed it towards the bottom of my heart to complete this beautiful vintage Valentine!
This is a customer favorite and is for sale in my shop here if you are interested in buying it as apposed to crafting one. You can see it here: Vintage Heart Sign LOVE Heart Sign Music Notes Painted – Etsy

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and you can view the full FB LIVE video here.

Happy Valentine’s Day Crafting!

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