Wine Cork Christmas Tree Ornaments.πŸŽ„

Have you been saving up your wine corks and not knowing what to do with them? Well here’s one adorable idea especially for the holidays! They are the CUTEST!

What’s the name of my game??…. – Simple, Crafty, Creative and all for a Low Cost to make…. Besides all the money spent on the wine to get the corks.🀣


8 Wine corks / same shape and size

Christmas Ribbon

Glue gun

Greenery Pins

Brown Paint for stem (Colors Optional)

Charm Stars

Grab 8 wine corks in similar shape and size. This will make your tree more even.
Hot glue gun one top of a cork to start…
Quickly glue it to another one like this..
Work your way down and glue on your last piece which will be the stem. Let it dry for a good 5-10 mins until hardened.
Next will be your hanger for the top of the tree so you can tie a ribbon. I used a greenery pin but you can use a stapler and staple the ribbon into the cork OR you can even use a little nail. Any of these you can find around the house and will use as a base to ptie your ribbon to be able to hang at the ornament on the tree.
With a little gold paint I painted the herringbone cork with a light coat of gold paint. Then painted the base trunk of the tree brown.
You can also use a green paint for the top of the tree and you can also use a brown paint for the trunk. Yo so many options here. If you’re going to paint several match up your ribbon to what you want to paint the tree color.
I took 2 -24 inch pieces of different color of thin ribbon and tied it around the staple on top of the tree. This will be used as your hanger on the tree.
Lastly I found this adorable little gem in the jewelry section at Joann fabrics and use them as my star to the top of the tree. I just glue gunned mine to the top to complete the tree!🌟
You can purchase them here:
And here are all my varieties that I’ve made so far! There are endless ideas that you can make with your corks….now you have to start collecting those corks….and drinking your wine!🍷

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As a side note I have enjoyed so much writing this blog sitting poolside in the warm degree weather in December – OUT of the snowy Midwest for a couple days to visit my nieces that I won’t see this Christmas. I hope you all are finding the time to enjoy doing the things you love. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.πŸŒ΄πŸŽ„β€οΈ

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