Wooden Cross DIY

Are you looking for little ways to decorate your home for Spring. As I woke up again today to snow on this beautiful day in March I am trying to stay in the Spring mood by making some of my favorite crafts for the season- I just love this one because it is simple enough yet religious and perfect for the Easter!

I tried to make the steps as simple as possible so come follow along!


Dollar Tree Wooden Cross

White Chalk Paint

Gray Acrylic or Chalk Paint

Thick Paint Brush

Pink Artificial Flower


Pretty Spring Ribbon

You will start by painting your cross all white. Make sure to get the edges – You can paint the back if you prefer but I did not.

I only used one good coat on this but if you want another wait an hour and you should be ready for your second coat of white paint.

Once you have one good coat on, let it dry for an hour. You will be ready for the gray accent.
You will get a tiny bit of gray on your brush to start the accenting. You will not need a lot. In fact when you dip your brush you may want to wipe it on a towel to start. It is much better to have too little to start with that too much because it is way to hard to go back of you have too much of the gray on to start.
Lightly brush the gray all over the cross. This is a little tedious but by far makes all the character of the cross.
Make sure to get the edges of the cross as I feel like this accent area is really important as it defines the edge of the cross.
This gray antique accent just makes the look of this cross.
The chalk paint on this cross will dry quick so you should be ready pretty quick for your greenery.
I first divided up my greenery into 2 and placed the greenery and the pink flower in the middle to see how it all fit together before I glued it all.

Once you have it how you want it in place glue the greenery first and then the flower in the middle.

And it turned out even more beautiful than I thought!
It is really pretty just sitting alone by itself up against the wall as a accent on your table or countertop or with an accent of a ceramic Easter Bunny.
You can tie pretty piece of Spring ribbon to the top hole and hang it on your wall.

I am so happy with the way it turned out and the costs of something simple like this is so cheap!

Some of my other favorites that I have done in the past are these few blog posts. Hoping you can check them out and make them for your self, too! One to start is these carrots. They are a forever favorite. You can check out the link here.

If you love to paint these wooden pieces they set out in Dollar Tree for the different seasons you can see this adorable bunny one here. Another favorite on Pinterest. You can see it here.

I hope these give you a couple things to do over the weekend especially if you are in the snowy wintery March like me.

Happy Easter Crafting to you!


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