DIY Vintage Tile Heart

Do you love the charm and character of vintage decor? Are you looking for a unique way to add some antique flair to your home? Look no further than this DIY project that combines nostalgia and creativity: a vintage tile heart. With just a few simple materials and some creative inspiration, you can create a beautiful piece of vintage-inspired art that will add warmth and personality to any room. In this article, we will delve into the step-by-step process of creating your own vintage tile heart, as well as provide tips and tricks for sourcing materials and making it your own. Get ready to unleash your inner DIY-er and create a one-of-a-kind piece that will bring a touch of vintage charm to your home.

You will start with your main piece which is the Dollar Tree Wall Tiles. I have several of these on hands because you can do so many different crafts with these and the results are AMAZING!


Dollar Tree Wall Tile

2 Paint Brushes

Waverly Chalk Paint “Agave”

Home Decor Folk Art Wax Paint Brown


Glue Gun

I laid out a few different colors of my Waverly paints that would be fabulous to make hearts out of, but I started this with the Agave blue color.

I put a chunk of the paint right on the tile

Paint the whole front surface of the tile. If you want to do several hearts you may want to paint a couple tiles at a time and them let them completley dry.

Next I grabbed some Dollar Tree lace paper doilies.

I traced 3 on the back. 3 of this size is all I could fit.

And then I used a heart cookie cutter to trace the last since I only had room left for a smaller heart.

Cut them out but did not cut the scallop design.

Get 2 even hearts and glue them back-to-back so it is 2 sided.

I glued one side and quickly stuck the second back side to the first. The glue gun glue dries quick so you have to move quick!

With your brown wax paint you will paint one side of the heart.

Right after wipe gently with a damp cloth.

This will give your heart the coolest vintage feel. I LOVE the look of this blue with the brown wax! You will repeat the same step for the other side.

Next I took my hole punch and punched a hole in the top part of the heart so I could tie a piece of pretty Valentine’s ribbon on it or a piece of twine.

You are ready to hang it on a door handle, window frame or use it to make a really pretty piece of art for Valentines day.

This is one of my most simple crafts with the most amazing results. I hope you can try it!

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