Driftwood Heart Valentine Decor DIY

Are you tired of the same old wall decor options? Looking for a unique and rustic touch to add to your home? Look no further than the alluring world of DIY driftwood hearts. With just a few materials and a little creativity, you can create a stunning piece of art that will bring warmth and charm to any room. Join me as we explore the beauty and simplicity of crafting your own driftwood heart, and discover the endless possibilities that come with incorporating a touch of nature into your home decor. So grab your tools and let’s get started! By the end of this article, you will have all the tips and tricks you need to create your very own driftwood heart masterpiece.”

“DIY home decor” and “nature-inspired crafts”


Waverly Gray Chalk Paint

Acrylic White Paint


8″ x 10″ Canvas Board

Glue Gun

Valentine Ribbon

Valentine Card or Lettering for “Love” Sign

The Canvas Back round:

I started with painting one coat of gray all over the canvas.

I used a little of my acrylic white paint that I put in a dish and used a little to add some texture to the canvas. I painted this in vertical strokes just adding a little character but not too much because I didn’t want it to distract from the driftwood.

Once I was happy with the canvas, I set it to the side to dry for a couple of hours.

Creating the Heart Shape:

This was the fun part! It was like a puzzle to make the few pieces that I had left of my driftwood and make them into a heart shape fitting perfectly in the middle of my 8 x 10″ frame. You can find the driftwood I used here. I got it from Amazon and it was perfect for a couple crafts.

After playing with it for a while I finally got the right pieces to fit.

One by one I glued each piece in its place using a glue gun. This work perfectly and everything stayed as I had originally laid out.

Once all my pieces were glued in and dry, I pulled off the glue strings and cleaned it up a bit. I love the look of the rustic driftwood against the gray background but since this was for Valentine’s Day, I felt it needed a little something more – a little color. I had on hand this brown wire with red berries that I got from Dollar tree that would be perfect for this rustic feel craft.

Decorating the Heart:

I started by gluing down a piece of the brown wire on one side of the heart and worked my way around gluing every couple inch to hold the wire in place. It accented this heart perfectly!

I had enough to go around twice with my wire. I just love this because it added the perfect mix of a little color while adding a little character to my already rustic feel.

I still felt like it needed a little something more, so I grabbed one of my Dollar Tree Valentine cards and cut out the “Love” word on the card. I saved the rest of the card for future Valentine’s crafts.

I decided it would look best in the middle, however in one of the corners of the canvas was another option for me. From the start I knew I wanted to use this white and red gingham ribbon somewhere…

So, I laid it across the front and tied it on the back.

I stuck the “Love” word on the front and used a little glue from the glue gun to hold it in place.

And it turned out really pretty and rustic. Just the look I was going for!

And it found it’s home on my window ledge accented with a couple of my other Valentine craft projects.

So grab your canvas board, driftwood pieces, glue gun and some extra Valentine accessories and get crafting. This is a DIY you can do with the kids and grandkids! I love to even see a version they could make of their own!

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To see the video on how I put this together you can see it here.

Another one of my popular driftwood crafts can be found here. This is my beach Christmas tree! And at the end of the blog post my son created his own. I love kids creativity!

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Happy Valentine Crafting!


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