How to Decorate Your Front Porch for Halloween

Do you have a front porch for Halloween decorations!? If not any of these decorations will work perfect for decorating indoors! Although I don’t put many decorations indoors, I put all my time and effort into my front porch because it is seen the most! Every year it seems to grow and grow so I decided to make a video and share with you some fun ideas!🎃 Scroll to to the bottom for the video…

The items I used:

Black Spooky Branches

Skeleton Wreath


7 ft. Skeleton

Skeleton Hat

Crazy Pumpkin Lady

Orange Leaf LED Trees


Witches Cauldron


One of my favorites all time Halloween things are these black spooky branches. You can make your own using this blog post that I created. You can check out the blog post here.

Or you can order them off of Amazon here! I have both!


Everyone needs a Halloween wreath for their front door! Although I am NOT a wreath maker, I took a shot and made one, however I do not have a blog post on this but found a super cute and similar one on Amazon and you can use my link here and it will take you directly to it!


Next are my cut-out bats. I made my own from my blog post and you can check it out here I also have ordered off Amazon and you can check out my affiliate link here. Ordering is much more simple but 2 positive things about making your own are one you can make any size and 2 its a fun project to do with kids. But if you want the easiest route ordering from my affiliate link from Amazon is Here.


My skeleton is new this year and he’s 7 foot tall! I found him at Walmart but since they are out of stock you can check out my Amazon link

And of course, you can’t forget his hat! I bought off of Amazon for $9. Well worth it cause it just it makes him look so dapper. My Amazon link is


This little lady is new this year and is so unique because her hair is made out of suckers. I got these unicorn suckers because I want it long, crazy and spiral. Perfect hair for her! If you want to use the same unicorn suckers, I was only able to find them on Amazon and my link is here.

I also made a blog post on her and you can follow it here.


Oh boy do I love these orange leaf trees. They look amazing because they accent the Halloween decorations with just the right amount of orange AND you can leave them out for the Thanksgiving season. Getting your use out of them for not one but 2 seasons!?!? I’! You can get them too and my link to them is here.


Next to are my ghosts. I got five of these for $20 on Amazon here. This is a must have because they go up easy and look so cute every day when I come home and they’re blowing in the wind. They just set off my front porch!


And last but not least is my most favorite this year my witch’s cauldron. Here is the blog post and quick video so you can make your own! This week I will be creating a witch to go with this spooky potion so make sure you are following the blog post. 🧙‍♀️

I hope I have given you some creative ideas and you will start crafting and enjoy Halloween! I have put together a video for you and some quick steps. Here it is:

Love to you all, SAM Designs

Thank you to my Helper and sidekick on this project, Willow Miller.🐶🎃

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