how to make a life size witch diy

I was on the hunt for a life-size which that was animated but did not want anything too creepy or scary and with no luck I decided to create one. I’m going to show you the supplies and steps I used to create her!


Tomatoes cage

2 yards black fabric

1/4 yard green fabric

100 String of lights

Styrofoam ball

1 girls witches costume set

1 rubber band

1 wig

So to start you will want to get a tomatoe cage in any size. I found a 42” one but smaller will work fine, too. Second, the simplest piece to create her costume is to actually buy any girls witch costume. I found mine for $5 at Walmart and it included the dress, the belt and the hat.
The only thing I did not find was the broom so I made my own. (Stay tuned on the quick video on how to make this)

Start by tying the 3 loose prongs with a rubber band to make more of a point to enable the styrofoam ball to stick to it.

Then you can grab your lights and start by tying the non- plug end that does not go in the outlet under the rubber band so it keeps it secure before you wrap it around the rest of the tomato cage.

Now you will need your wire hanger. You will go in the middle of the tomato cage wires and bring the top hook of the hanger up and tie it on top of where the rubber band is tied. (You can see this a little easier in the video below.)

Now you will need a Styrofoam ball. I would try to get 6 inches or larger. Any color is fine. Just place and stick it right at the top of the three pokey wires. Make sure it is good and secure.

Next you’ll need your black piece of cloth. I got 2 yards but 3 would be OK – especially if you’re going to have it outside it would be neater to have more fabric to blow in the wind.

Then you’ll take your green piece of fabric and tie it on and around your Styrofoam ball for the head and get another rubber band and tie it in the back to secure. If you have enough fabric you can tie the fabric it or not because the hair will cover the back up.

Now you’re ready for your costume. I cut the sides of the dress on the seams up about 12 inches on each side so it would lay nicer across the tomato cage. This is where your hanger will come in to good use. Make sure you put the shoulders over the hanger so she looks more human like.

Now you can use your wig. I got black hair but I thought orange might be cute too! Any color will work with her!

And her hat…

Don’t forget her belt to make her dress!
She so cute!!! And here she is a night….

Here is the quick video to walk you through the switch DIY step-by-step. Hope you love it as much as I loved creating it!

Because every witch needs a cauldron to make her eyeball and bones stew you can see my link to make one here:

Stay tuned for my broom DIY soon to be out this week!

Happy Halloween!🧙‍♀️

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