How to make a wine cork reindeer

For those looking for the perfect festive holiday decorations, look no further than this Wine Cork Reindeer DIY! Not only is this craft easy to make and fun for everyone to do, but it’s also a great, sustainable way to upcycle your wine corks into festive decorations. Read on for the full instructions and transform your house into a winter woodland paradise in no time!


4 Wine Corks

1 Champagne or Prosecco Cork

Glue Gun

Christmas Ribbon for Scarf

1 Decorative Small wreath for accent

1 Tiny Pinecone for tail

2 Sprigs of pine for antlers

1 Berry for Nose

Black Sharpie

Assemble the Reindeer

Start with 2 wine corks for the body and take the 2 smooth ends and glue them together.

Next you will take your champagne cork and glue that on for the head.

Then I used 2 wine corks for the legs. This part you have to be careful with because it involves cutting. I cut one cork in half with a knife horizontally. Then the other so you have 4 legs.

Then you will take a piece of twine and tie it around the neck once and tie it again to make a loop to be able to hang it.

Now you are ready for his neck embellishments and for this I chose a little tiny wreath. I found these at Hobby Lobby and they are the cutest and were perfect for this reindeer!

For the nose I took a berry off of my artificial holiday branch. This was the perfect size for him.

For the tail I found the tiniest pinecone off one of my trees and used it for his tail. Another option is if you do not have pine cones around you can find a lot of Christmas items at Dollar Tree that has crafts with pine cones and use one of these. I just took the little pine cone end off and glued it to the cork for his tail.

For his eyes I just used a black sharpie and made to little even dots…

For his antlers I wanted to add a little color and freshness to him so I used 2 fresh sprigs of Arborvitae from our Arborvitae tree.

Carefully I took my pointed sharp utensil tool and poked 2 holes in the top of the head for the antlers to go into. OPTION 2: A safer option is 2 glue the sprigs to either side of his head.

He is so adorable hanging on the tree…..

On a decorative wall…..

Or wine bottle. What a perfect hostess gift for this holiday season!

Now you have some of your very own homemade and sustainable wine cork reindeer to brighten up your holiday decorations. Not only are these decorations a great addition to your home, but you can also share them with friends and family as meaningful, DIY gifts. So get crafting and turn your wine corks into something magical that will make everyone’s holiday sparkle!

To see the quick video tutorial on how we put this together you can see it here:

OR you can view the #LIVE video I made on how to make these adorable guys. Check it out here on Facebook! (20+) Facebook

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